Sunday, August 15, 2010

Backyard Harvesting and How to Make a Pita "Puff"

This year I planted a small garden in the flower bed along the back of the house. I started out with bell pepper, okra (a southern staple), squash, and a potted tomato plant. Unfortunately, my squash plants fell victim to an infestation of the infamous squash bug! I was only able to harvest a few squash before the plants stopped producing and died off. The bell pepper plants have done fairly well. They've produced quite a few bell peppers, but the peppers are a little on the small side. My okra, on the other hand, has THRIVED! The plants are now taller than me! The pods grow so quickly that I have to check them everyday or they'll get too big and become too hard to slice. I didn't check on the yesterday and might have even skipped my visit on Friday. My husband was outside working in the yard and brought in a couple of okra pods that were at least 5-6" long and said there were more. To my surprise (and delight) the longest okra pods were still soft enough to slice! Here's what I picked today:

I also made more pitas tonight (per the firstborn's request before packing lunch in the morning). Last time, I cooked them for 3 minutes as the recipe indicateS. This time I decided to leave a few pitas in for a couple more minutes. I opened the oven door and discovered that my pitas had puffed! I was so excited that I called for my husband (who thought that something was wrong) to come see my puffed pitas! They deflated after taking them out of the hot oven, but still have the pocket I was hoping for.
Can you see it?!?!

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