Wednesday, August 18, 2010

HealthIER Chicken & Stars

My girls LOVE chicken noodle soup, particularly the chicken & stars variety. This has also been one of my favorites as well because it was quick, easy, and no one complained when it was served! Then, I began reading food labels. Bye, bye 27-ingredient (not including the ones in parentheses) soup full of modified ingredients, corn starch, corn oil, etc. I decided I would just begin making my own chicken noodle soup, but the girls weren't buying it. It looked "tasted" different. I decided to keep trying. Last week at the grocery store, I noticed a box of pasta (Ronzoni Pastini) that I thought had dots or bits of pasta and I decided to take a closer look. I realized that the bits were actually stars! I must admit that these stars are an enriched pasta product...and even though I'm trying to buy only, or mostly, whole wheat pastas, I decided that my soup made with enriched pasta would still be a huge improvement over the alternative.

My HealthIER chicken & stars has only 6 ingredients: chicken, chicken broth, pasta, carrots, thyme, and poultry seasoning. I cooked the chicken and carrots in the broth until the chicken was cooked through, then I removed the chicken and chopped it into small pieces, returned it to the pot along with the pasta, thyme, and poultry seasoning, and simmered until the pasta was tender.

I made my first batch one evening while the girls were asleep so they wouldn't know it was another one of my attempts to get the to eat better. I packed it in the firstborn's lunchbox the next day and it came home practically empty. It was a hit with the 2-year-old as well, she even wanted it for breakfast.

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