Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lunchbox Ideas for Picky Eaters

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A few weeks ago, I took the firstborn back to school shopping. We bought a lunch box and all kinds of neat contraptions to keep food hot or cold. I bought all of this thinking she would take her lunch on occasion, but that was before our food conversion. Now that we are making better choices, I knew we would be mostly packing our lunch and occasional eating school lunch. However, she is PICKY. She eats a lot of what she likes, but she doesn't like a lot! It is sometimes difficult to keep menu choices interesting when the list of "approved" items is so slim. She's most adventurous when it comes to fruit, but vegetables are a hard sell. We've just begun week 2 of school and I'm already running out of ideas for her lunches and snacks. Here are some of the ideas I came up with (and I'll be making most of these items myself):

Turkey & Cheddar (sandwiches, pitas, etc)
Roast beef & mozzarella (sandwiches, pitas, etc)
Bean Burrito
Chicken Nuggets
HeathIER chicken & stars soup
Mac & Cheese
Hot Dog (I read that Tori Spelling's mom would put a hotdog in a thermos with boiling water & it would still be warm at lunchtime. We tried that today. Also, I buy Applegate Farms hot dogs that are 100 % beef, antibiotic, growth hormone, & nitrate/nitrite free.)

Here's my snack list:
Cereal Mix
Graham Crackers
Frozen fruit

I would love to hear any other suggestions!

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