Saturday, January 1, 2011


The holidays were extremely busy and I've been MIA from the blog. It seems like we were hardly home the entire month of December and I was not always proactive when it came to preparing meals from scratch. I'm hoping that the new year gets me back in the swing of things. AND, I'm really excited about using all of my new kitchen gadgets and cookware that I received for Christmas!
My wonderful hubby bought me a tortilla press. This means no more crazy-shaped tortillas and no more sore shoulders from rolling out my own tortillas.
My parents bought me an entire set of stainless steel cookware to replace my scratched-up nonstick cookware! I'm mostly excited about the 8qt. stockpot! I'm thinking I might even delve into making my own chicken stock this year.
My mother-in-law gave me the pouring shield for my kitchen aid mixer, which means no more flour all of the kitchen when I accidentally turn the switch to "full speed" instead off "off" (sadly, this has happened on multiple occasions)!
She also gave me a new rolling pin. It is solid wood and comes with different sized discs that screw into the ends, allowing you to roll out your dough to a desired thickness. I'm looking forward to having more uniform pizza doughs and cookies.
I can't wait to use all of my new things, try some new recipes, and improve my skills this year!
Which leads me to thinking about resolutions, even though I'm not really a resolutions kind of person. I haven't made a resolution since high school, if even then. I figure there's no point in making a resolution if I'm not going to keep it. Usually, if I want to change something, I don't wait until new year's day, I just aim to change it whenever I realize something needs changing. But, I'm not sure of the success rate of those resolutions either.
Ironically, today I came to the realization that something needs changing. So, I am making a new year's resolution. This year, I resolve to be more proactive about meal planning. Not necessarily narrowing down each meal to a specific day of the week, but I do want to plan out the full meal, including sides, instead of just the main dish as I've done in the past.
Now that I'm working part-time, I get home around lunch time and I am really hungry! I must admit that it is very tempting to either stop and get something on the way home or eat whatever junk I can easily get my hands on. Therefore, I also want to be more proactive about keeping "convenience" foods on hand, meaning homemade bread, homemade snacks items, or other homemade foods such as soups, leftovers, meals from the freezer, etc., so that when we are crunched for time, we don't fall back to industrial convenience items.
Maybe what I'm really trying to say is that I resolve to be more organized and disciplined......of which I am currently neither.