Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring Clean

I recently ran across this blog and I love it. I love their style, I love that they make use of things they've had forever (old dishrags, furniture, etc.), and I love that their style of clean is....clean, but not sterile. Their idea of clutter free is others' definition of completely cluttered.

Every time I run across an article/blog/tv show on cleaning, I'm either inspired, convicted, or condemned into feeling the need to clean and declutter our home.

We live in a small house (slightly over 1300 square feet) and we're busting at the seams. I sometimes (....usually...most of the time....ok, all of the time) feel that keeping this house clean in a losing battle. But, I'm working on organizing and finding easy ways to keep things clean, while inching more and more toward green each year.

My new method of mopping is my swiffer and a hand knit cleaning cloth and a vinegar/water mixture in a spray bottle. This is working out so much better than the old mop & bucket routine because I could never keep the girls off the floor long enough to let it dry and the old method left my floor with streaks.

Here's how I store my dry ingredients (I started this at least 4 years ago when I saw it in a magazine ...although they used really nice storage containers and I opted for gladware):

These are the ones I don't use very often and are in the cabinet above the stove...I actually have to pull a chair or step stool over to reach most of these.

These are the ones I use on a regular basis and I keep these in the pantry.

As of now, these are the only organized shelves in my house...I'll keep working on the organization part!


  1. April - speaking of cleaning, I recently cleaned my shower with tilex and have been coughing terribly ever since. I have some natural cleaning products, but still use the "bad" ones for tough jobs. But, after this coughing episode (I'm on day 3), I'm ready to turn a new leaf with my cleaning products. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks! - Steph

  2. I started looking into more natural products after I recently cleaned my shower with a lysol product (I think) that contained bleach and I felt sick for the remainder of the day (nauseated, light headed, etc). I've used 7th Generation products (although just dish cleaning products) with good results. I'm not sure about other cleaners; however, vinegar keeps turning up in all of my google searches.

  3. I have since found this article, which again highly recommends vinegar!