Friday, March 4, 2011

Garden Pondering

Last spring I watched a brief segment on growing your own veggies on one of the national morning news programs. The segment explained how much money one could save by growing their own veggies. I, at the time, was a HUGE coupon-er. I based my grocery success on how little I spent and how much I saved. I wanted to see at least a 50% savings on each receipt or I considered my shopping trip a complete and utter failure. So, of course, this segment planted a seed in my mind of how our family could save even more money.
For my mother's day present, my mother-in-law informed me that she was going to take me to pick out things to start my own veggie garden. At first, I wasn't sure how that would work. We really don't have a large yard. In fact, is is quite small. My first thought was to do some much needed clearing and re-planting of the flower beds around the house. I decided to dedicate the back and half of one side to vegetables. I got squash, cucumbers, okra (a southern staple), bell pepper, and a tomato plant to put in a pot on the patio. (Oh, and a strawberry plant for the girls. I also bought a couple of packs of seeds, but haven't seen them since we left the store...I'm not sure where they ended up...and I didn't have room for them anyway!)
The cucumbers never made it into the ground and the squash was eaten up by squash bugs and squash vine borers, but the okra produced wonderfully and I enjoyed several vine ripened tomatoes.
I ran across this blog post and I think I will follow her lead this year by making notes of everything including a garden layout. This year I want to expand our garden, even in our small yard. I'm planning to put in several raised beds along the back of our property and I will replant along the side of the house where the okra thrived. I just need to decide if I want to start with seeds or buy plants...

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  1. I have been thinking of starting a veggie garden...i will have to come see yours...i need your advice on where i should start it in my tiny back yard!