Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I told you all about the seeds I bought. Then I got scared. I was afraid of sprouting them too early, sprouting them too late, not doing things correctly and ending up with a bunch of wasted seeds, several dead plants, and NO homegrown veggies. Then I realized that if a few packets of wasted seeds and dead plants was all that was holding me back that I had nothing to fear but fear itself. I decided that, worst case scenario, I've wasted about $10 on seeds, maybe $20 on sprouting greenhouses, and a little time. And, since I didn't plant my garden until mid-late May last year, I would know by then if these seeds are going to do well or not. If not, I can always buy plants like I did last year. According to a few different sources I've found, my last freeze date is somewhere around April 18, and according to Mother Earth News, several of my seed packs should be sowed by now. So, I decided to jump in with both feet. Imagine my excitement when I removed the cover today and found this:


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  1. Yay, seedlings! We went ahead and jumped to throwing our seeds in the ground... at least the ones that are supposed to be able to handle a light frost (and, of course, now we've got one coming tonight). Hope your garden does well. Keep us posted!

    ~ Angela