Sunday, March 13, 2011

Springing Forward

I've decided to try my hand at planting seeds this year. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought, but I'm excited to start something almost "from scratch" and see how it turns out. I still feel like we have plenty of time if my seeds don't turn out to buy plants. I'm the type to jump in with both feet before really planning things out. Therefore, I bought 11 packets of seeds without having an actual plan of where they will go or how well they will fit. But, that is how I operate. Sure, I've got ideas in my mind. The okra & bell peppers will go back along the side of the house in the actual flowerbed where I planted them last year. This year, however, I will create a raised-bed effect near the bell pepper because the soil kept washing away on the corner and exposing the roots. Surprisingly, the bell pepper still produced fairly well and the okra thrived.
Now for the change, we are going to create raised beds along most of the back yard. Haven't exactly mapped it out, but I know we can do a 4 x 16 and if we want more I can do 2 more 4x4s on the other side of some trees. And this is where my inexperience comes in to play. I have NO IDEA how much that size bed can hold. Barring some miracle, I've either overbought or I've underbought on seeds. If I find myself with extra planting space, I'll buy more plants when the time comes. If I grow too many plants, I don't know...maybe I'll give them away.
I'm planning on making a garden notebook to help me remember from year to year how things were done, what worked and what didn't, my final layout of plants, etc.

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